BenQ has been flirting shamelessly with gamers during the past few months, and now the company has introduced a new screen for the gaming market; the manufacturer claims that its RL2240H is the first screen on the market designed specifically for RTS games–something that we don’t find at all hard to believe. It is the best portable monitor 2019 Apparently, BenQ enlisted the aid of both gaming gear manufacturer Zowie and StarCraft team StarTale to have a saying during development process of the new monitor.

The BenQ RL2240H is a relatively small monitor compared to most of what’s out there today, with a diagonal viewable image size of 21.5 inches (often sold as 22-inch monitors). It employs full HD resolution–1920 x 1080 pixels–and is based around an ordinary TN panel. The display’s other specifications include a dynamic contrast ratio of 12 million to 1 and inputs for D-Sub (VGA), DVI and HDMI. Being the industry’s first RTS gaming monitor, BenQ has not surprisingly tried to optimize its properties for StarCraft 2. For this purpose it as enlisted the help of world-famous StarCraft II gamers from the team StarTale. One of the features that BenQ draws attention to in particular is something called Black equalizer.

According to the manufacturer, this so-called Black Equalizer allows the gamer to adjust the brightness without blowing up the whites in the picture; it clarifies important combat-details, which helps the player to react faster to the opponent at low light levels. The RL2240H is also equipped with a feature called RTS Mode, which is a custom setting for real-time strategy games and is naturally the default setting that comes with the monitor.

Other features worth mentioning include an opportunity to change the image size and proportion by simply shrinking the image with black bars to a variety of formats and sizes. The response time is a low 2ms GTG and the screen comes in a somewhat unusual white design, which is said to be a request from one of the StarCraft 2 players. Unlike their previous gaming monitor the XL2410T, BenQ focuses on the budget segment this time around but does not go into specifics about how much you will have to fork over for the RTS monitor.